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Unveiling Insights on Femicide: A Deep Dive into the Yunitok Femicide Poll.

The Shadow of Femicide in Kenya:

Across the globe, the chilling reality of femicide - the intentional killing of women based solely on their gender - paints a grim picture. Kenya, unfortunately, is not immune to this devastating issue. Rooted in harmful social norms and fuelled by power imbalances, femicide continues to threaten the safety and well-being of women and girls. Recognizing the urgency of this crisis, Yunitok embarked on a comprehensive poll to gather vital insights into Kenyan youths awareness and perceptions of femicide.

Understanding the Issue:

Femicide represents the most extreme form of violence against women and girls, deeply embedded in systems that perpetuate inequality and discrimination. In Kenya, women and girls face diverse forms of gender-based violence (GBV), from domestic abuse to targeted killings, highlighting the desperate need for effective interventions and prevention strategies. The alarming statistics paint a chilling picture: globally, women and girls fall victim to femicide with shocking frequency, often at the hands of those closest to them.

Unveiling the Yunitok Poll Findings:

Diverse Voices, United Concern:

The Yunitok poll had over 10,000 respondents, painting a diverse picture of Kenyan perspectives. Remarkably, the gender distribution almost mirrored the national population, with female respondents accounting for 50.53% and male respondents representing 49.47%. This balanced representation ensures the insights capture a spectrum of viewpoints within Kenyan society.

The Roots of Femicide: