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Yunitokers join #GiveitaShot - a campaign responding to COVID-19

On the 25th of February 2022, UNICEF launched a four-week campaign on Yunitok to increase COVID-19 immunizations across Kenya, dubbed the #Giveitashot competition. The campaign was in response to COVID-19, which has affected communities worldwide, including in Kenya.

The competition aimed to provide accurate information about COVID-19 vaccinations to increase trust in the vaccine and, as a result, encourage young people and those in their community who are eligible to get vaccinated. Every Friday, COVID-19 messages were sent via the Yunitok platform and social media channels.

#Giveitashot was open to all Yunitokers in Kenya from all counties and was well-received because of its potential to ensure that all youth know about the COVID-19 vaccine and are encouraged and encourage friends to get immunized. "If we can educate as many young people as possible about the COVID-19 epidemic and vaccines, we can reduce infection and transmission rates"- Yunitoker from Busia County.

Over 60,000 Yunitokers participated in the competition, with 176 young people emerging as winners after scoring more than 17 points out of a possible 24. Yunitokers can check how many points they got by sending the word GPOINTS to 20204. Yunitok thanks everyone who took part in the competition and encourages continued participation in the weekly polls sent out and other Yunitok activities.